Unified communications for manufacturer Lunge

Afford­able cor­po­rate IT for SMEs: uni­fied com­mu­ni­ca­tions for man­u­fac­turer Lunge

Ulf Lunge has run every day for 30 years. One part of his kit is espe­cially impor­tant to him: his shoes. “Over the last 30 years I must have checked out almost every shoe on the mar­ket”, com­mented Lunge. To those who know Ulf Lunge’s back­ground, this comes as no sur­prise. Because together with his brother Lars, he man­ages Lunge Der Lau­fladen, four spe­cial­ist run­ning shops in Ham­burg and Berlin.

Back to the begin­ning: From dealer to pro­ducer – from SME to start-​up com­pany.

Many run­ning shoes failed to meet our high require­ments”, recalled Ulf Lunge. And so the idea of devel­op­ing their own run­ning shoe was born. Man­u­fac­tured ergonom­i­cally, fairly, and cleanly in Ger­many. The Lunge broth­ers worked on their first design, Clas­sic Run, which proved a great com­mer­cial hit. “Peo­ple wanted our shoes. Through­out Ger­many, and very soon in other coun­tries, too”, recalled Lars Lunge.

Pro­fes­sional IT: cru­cial for pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment and pro­duc­tion

The Lunge broth­ers were amazed by the suc­cess of their shoe. They had to pro­duce more Clas­sic Runs and develop new designs. “We needed more mate­ri­als. In some cases we also needed to find new sup­pli­ers. And then there were the dis­cus­sions with the devel­op­ment team, some of whom were in Ham­burg and some in Meck­len­burg, where our pro­duc­tion is based“, recalled Lars Lunge. Lines became red hot as the Lunge broth­ers and their staff phoned, sent e-​mails, skyped and chat­ted. “We were going back and forth, it soon became very dif­fi­cult to keep track of every­thing.” As entre­pre­neurs, the Lunge broth­ers realised pro­fes­sional IT was a must. They needed a solu­tion which com­bined tele­phone, e-​mail, cal­en­dar, video con­fer­enc­ing, chat and file stor­age. “When we heard that IPD NOW is an IT con­fig­u­ra­tor spe­cially designed for small com­pa­nies, I thought it could be just right for us”, recalled Ulf Lunge. “We needed pro­fes­sional IT, but at SME-​level. We really didn’t have the time to worry our­selves too much about it.” The Lunge broth­ers ordered a uni­fied com­mu­ni­ca­tions solu­tion (cloud-​based soft­ware for all com­mu­ni­ca­tions) through IPD NOW. “A few clicks and we were ready to request a quote. It arrived two days later. We con­firmed the order and were ready to go. Every­thing was sorted in a few days.” A high-​quality, healthy and fairly pro­duced run­ning shoe – Lars and Ulf Lunge now sell five suc­cess­ful shoe designs. “Thanks to IPD NOW, we have an excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tions set-​up”, explained the delighted entre­pre­neurs.

IPD NOW is avail­able from EUR 16 per month, includ­ing 24×7 sup­port. Find out more about our IT for start-​ups.

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