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  • Basics

  • Phone contract from QSC

    In the future there‘ll be no getting round IP telephony. It‘s for this reason that we partner with QSC to offer flexible startup bundles which perfectly fit your company‘s requirements, with exquisite sound quality, outstanding cloud-based telephone systems and attractive pricing models (not least for international companies) included as standard.

  • Internet contract from QSC

    Whether it‘s ADSL, SDSL, a dedicated line or microwave radio relay, with us, your company gets the internet it needs. Together with QSC we can offer you secure, high performance and readily available access with an ideal mix of upload and download speeds. To that mix just add suitable access technology, modern hardware, additional services, top support and – not forgetting - attractive rates.

  • Communications

  • Phone systems from Innovaphone

    Whether via traditional phone connections or modern IP telephony, we ensure the best possible sound quality. In addition, we offer line hunting to maximise availability, digital voicemail as an answering machine and efficient address management. We can extend all of this over multiple locations, so that all staff, even field staff, can work in the same system at the same time.

  • Queuing with Music Message

    Turn waiting into something pleasant (well, almost) with musical accompaniment for those on hold.

  • Emails with Microsoft Outlook

    It‘s practically a must: freely available virtual storage for securing emails and attachments, complete with several logical filing options. And here‘s a tip: to build up awareness, simply use the company name for the email address. What to put before the @ sign, is up to you!

  • Fax by email from Ferrari Electronic

    Another step on the journey to the paperless office: access and download documents sent by fax online or simply fax them online.

  • Videoconferencing with Skype for Business and innovaphone

    Overcome all limits without incurring high travel costs: organise meetings quickly and easily with participants from across the world, make new contacts or improve your existing ones. With quality so good that you might think everyone was in the same room.

  • Screen transmission via Skype for Business and innovaphone

    They say a picture tells a thousand words. Live transmission of your own desktop is probably the most efficient way of giving others a glimpse into your work processes when you are working remotely.

  • Chat with Skype for Business and innovaphone

    A brief Chat is often the quickest and best way to resolve a problem. The availability function shows who is free – and off you go!

  • Smartphone app pre-configured by IP Dynamics

    Whatever you can do on your desktop, you can now do on the mobile. Smartphones can be configured so that you can access the same programmes which you use on your PC, including viewing address books and diaries, receiving and editing documents, and making calls over the company software. If required we can limit access to certain areas.

  • Social Network / Intranet Microsoft Yammer

    Whatever‘s happening in your company, with intranet everyone get to know about it with a minimum of complication. Thanks to the many social media functions such as profiles, status alerts, events and groups, it‘s ideal for announcements and lots of other organisational stuff.

  • Documents & Data

  • Working on documents with Microsoft Office

    Proven over decades yet still innovative, Microsoft Office is the gold standard for creating emails, tables, text or presentations.

  • Centralised data filing with Microsoft Sharepoint

    If you like to share documents with colleagues or work together on them, you‘ll love Sharepoint, the virtual portal which offers an optimal overview of all company documents and can be viewed and worked on from anywhere.

  • Personal cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive for Business (1 TB)

    The cloud is a secure storage space which can be accessed from anywhere, making it ideal for those who work remotely. A nice side effect is that there is no shortage of storage any more, not even for mobile devices with limited capacity.

  • CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Your customer contacts need looking after. Our innovative and easy-to-use tools present your customer data in a highly transparent way and make the data usable across the organisation, be it for status queries, orders or statements.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Enterprise Resource Planning as it should be. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution gives SMEs widespread control over all aspects of their business activities from finance to purchasing, sales, warehousing and logistics right through to production and service management.

  • Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    If you‘ve a firm handle on the finances, efficiencies will follow. The cloud-based Dynamics 365 for Operations from Microsoft offers data analysis in real-time, providing on demand the strategic data-based insights which will help grow the company.

  • E-Commerce IT

  • Websites from Jimdo

    Jimdo provides super tools to help you create your own bespoke company website in no time. All you have to do is select one of the many design options and adapt them to your own needs.

  • Webshops from Sleekshop and Jimdo

    Online shopping really ought to be child's play, and so it is with so our partner Sleekshop. Its webshop system fits seamlessy into any company website and delivers a terrific overview of products, prices and services. The direct issue of order confirmations ensures quickest possible processing, and greater customer satisfaction as a result.

  • Hardware

  • PCs from Dell and Lenovo

    The proven solution for stationary work stations within a company network, and ideal for when high performance is required for demanding, data-intensive tasks.

  • Notebooks from Dell and Lenovo

    It stands to reason: to work fast you need a fast device. With so-called ultrabooks, work is just as much fun on the move as at the desk, and because the operating system and standard programmes are pre-installed, you‘re good to go from the off!

  • Tablets from Samsung and Apple

    With their intuitive touch-screens and the ever more varied possibilities they offer, tablets have emerged as a real alternative to laptops, especially when travelling.

  • Smartphones from Samsung and Apple

    Whether it‘s for reading or editing documents, chat, setting up meetings or even just making calls, we can‘t live – or work – without our smartphone. Android or Apple’s iOS? That‘s entirely up to you.

  • Multifunctional printers from Samsung and Xerox

    Black and white or colour, individually or in volume: the print-out is always perfect. And always user-friendly and neatly integrated with the company network, of course.

  • Desk phones from innovaphone

    Stationary, yet cleverly connected to the company network. With freely assignable speed dials and integrated address book that make for really efficient management of all your business contacts.

  • Cordless phones from innovaphone and Gigaset

    A classic, and for good reason: cordless phones liberate you from your desk and enable communication on-the-go within the office environment. In addition, they are ideal for internal communication.

  • Softphone with innovaphone and Skype for Business

    Make calls simply and intuitively on your PC, picking up or transferring calls with a single click. And, thanks to your headset, don‘t let it stop you from working. Or your colleagues for that matter. If a phone call isn‘t your communication of choice, there‘s always Chat, Videochat or screensharing.

  • Headsets from Sennheiser and Jabra

    Look - no hands, no cable! Headsets are the perfect solution if you want to take notes, edit data or search for a folder while on a call on your PC or phone, making your work more productive and more efficient. Choose either an in-ear headset or the classic headband.

  • Analogue devices easy integration

    Whether it‘s the alarm system or the intercom, via an analogue connection these devices can become part of the company network (to the extent that they can be connected, of course).

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