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IPD NOW is no flash in the pan, it‘s more a sea­soned per­former. Because we realise fully what‘s impor­tant to small and medium sized busi­nesses, we are the per­fect part­ner to accom­pany you through the var­i­ous phases of your jour­ney. This means keep­ing eye out for inno­va­tions and devel­op­ments which could be impor­tant to you. Don‘t worry, there‘ll be no short­age of excit­ing top­ics to explore! To help start you off, here we have set out handy IT check lists, prod­uct infor­ma­tion, tips and tricks, and IT news that might be of inter­est.

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Praise, crit­i­cism, sug­ges­tions, opin­ions, queries – whatever’s weigh­ing on your mind: let it all out …we can take it!!