Leasing, sharing, swapping is the new having

Using instead of own­ing. The trend towards non-​ownership con­tin­ues apace. Mul­ti­ple web­sites and apps offer prod­ucts or ser­vices for stream­ing, swap­ping or lend­ing. “Spo­tify”, “Net­flix” and cloud stor­age sys­tems are just some inno­v­a­tive exam­ples of “using” which have become part and par­cel of soci­ety today.

Why buy, when every­one shares?

The new hav­ing is defined by shar­ing. Inter­est­ing in itself, shar­ing also imparts a feel­ing of being part of a com­mu­nity. Peo­ple share prod­ucts, houses, cloth­ing, cars, etc. All made pos­si­ble by the world wide web and social media, which enable trans­parency. Peo­ple can find out more about neigh­bours, friends, fam­ily and col­leagues, dis­cov­er­ing things in com­mon and increas­ing the oppor­tu­nity for shar­ing.

NOW” sig­nals promises

Shar­ing things together is the in thing, with the above sup­pli­ers and numer­ous other com­pa­nies reflect­ing this trend in their vision and their prod­uct names. Many com­pa­nies com­bine every­day names with the word “NOW” when decid­ing on prod­uct names. This buzz word aims to con­vey the mes­sage that cer­tain ser­vices or prod­ucts aren’t sim­ply avail­able for use (for exam­ple through leas­ing), but are indeed avail­able “right now”, “imme­di­ately” and “directly”. Just a click, a phone call or an e-​mail away. Exam­ples include “Get​now​.de”, “TVNOW”, “OTTO NOW”, or “Dri­veNow”. The “NOW” ele­ment is sig­nif­i­cant and vitally impor­tant for any com­pany.

In the present time, in real time with IPD NOW

Along­side car shar­ing, food shar­ing and stream­ing, the world of IT also offers this clever lease model. IPD NOW is IT on a rental basis. As well as sig­nalling a promise of things being achiev­able in the present time, the name also indi­cates what’s achiev­able in terms of the work­space solution’s over­all pack­age. Because NOW stands for “Net­worked Office Work­space”. An inte­grated com­mu­ni­ca­tions and IT prod­uct offer­ing every­thing from ser­vices and hard­ware to cost-​effective, cus­tomised pack­ages. Not just a prod­uct that has been specif­i­cally devel­oped with the needs of SMEs in mind, IPD NOW is an all-​round, worry-​free rental pack­age. These clever rental mod­els avoid high pur­chase costs, even for hard­ware such as lap­tops or tele­phones. Flex­i­bil­ity for every indi­vid­ual cus­tomer lies at the heart of IPD NOW. With IPD NOW you can reduce or increase the num­ber of licences at any time. A sim­ple adjust­ment to meet every change.

And what if you want to com­pile your own rental model? With the IT con­fig­u­ra­tor , you can cre­ate a pack­age to suit your needs in an instant.