Who we are

IPD NOW is a lot more than just a product developed to cater for the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. IPD NOW is a newly formed IT company comprised of young people who can draw at any time on the accumulative experience, security and competence of an established name in IT services like IP Dynamics.

IP Dynamics, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, is more than just a back-up, though. Should your firm grow into a large enterprise with complex contact center requirements, we’ll still be the right IT services partner for you. Because we‘re IT consulting that grows as you grow.

What will always connect IPD NOW with IP Dynamics is a shared philosophy of caring for the customer, ambition, transparency and – naturally – dynamism. We are the IT company that speaks your language, enabling you to concentrate on your core business, instead of wasting precious time and energy on IT issues.

Alongside IT consulting and IT services we can offer pretty much any IT product that an SME could need. But there‘s one thing we set particular store on: flexibility. That‘s why with IPD NOW the number of licences can be increased or reduced at any time. With our smart rental plans, you can avoid prohibitively high acquisition costs, even for hardware like laptops or phones.

Your contact persons

  • Marten Krull

    Marten Krull

    Sales Manager

    Tel. 00 49 40 5727 - 6734

  • Holger Heeren

    Holger Heeren

    Business Consultant

    Tel. +49 40 5727 - 6738

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Our partners

As an IT company, we can do a lot, but we can‘t do everything. That‘s why we have partners, who complement our own expertise with theirs. As the customer you will scarcely notice, other than in the benefits it brings to you in maximum performance at minimum cost, and in immediate availability. You’ll also enjoy less risk, as our monthly payment model covers the cost for those times when things aren‘t working as they should.

To ensure that doesn‘t happen often, we offer a comprehensive IT service, which puts complex systems into operation and keeps them running smoothly. That‘s not something many small companies can manage without their own IT resource.


    As an accredited Gold Partner, Silver Messaging Partner and Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solution Partner, we provide highly qualified specialist IT consulting backed up by a bank of testimonials of successful projects.

  • QSC

    As our partner for super fast internet, QSC enables 10x performance when tackling large data volumes and, thanks to clever data prioritisation, top quality VoIP telephony.

  • Sleekshop

    With our innovative ecommerce specialist, any business can open a bespoke webshop in no time, and enjoy really useful statistical tools which provide genuine transparency and improve efficiency.


    The leading provider of virtual working environments opens up many new opportunities for companies to improve their processes. As a Silver Solution Advisor, we can add the right competence, service and support.

  • DELL

    As a DELL Partner Direct, we enjoy preferred terms on laptops, for example. Also, DELL products can be sourced directly from us.


    We are an Authorised Reseller for innovaphone, one of the top providers of software and hardware for IP telephony und Unified Communications, and possess comprehensive know-how in terms of integration.

  • Polycom

    As a Polycom Authorised Solution Provider, we cater for user-friendly phone devices which offer crystal-clear voice quality, backed up by the personal advice of our trained staff.

  • Sennheiser

    As an Authorised Sennheiser Partner we can source the perfect office and contact center headsets as well as optimal meeting and conferencing solutions for your business.

  • Jabra

    As a Preferred Partner we can advise you in detail on which Jabra headsets and speaker phones provide the best Unified-Communication solution for you.

  • Jimdo Jimdo


    Our partner for creating bespoke company websites based on an ingenious modular system. A knowledge of programming is not necessary, even for integrating a webshop.

  • Lenovo Lenovo


    As a Lenovo Partner we have access to the wide and innovative product range of the world‘s largest PC and notebook manufacturer.

  • Viakom Viakom


    With Viakom at our side we can offer you the choice of all phone and internet providers in Germany – from fibre optic connections right through to microwave radio relay – ensuring optimal connectivity with your company site.

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