Con­tact Cen­ter

The deployed con­tact cen­ter plat­form is used for cus­tomers with 5 to 12,0000 users and thus meets a wide range of require­ments. With the IPD NOW CC you get a stan­dard instal­la­tion of the pow­er­ful con­tact cen­ter solu­tion. This includes the con­nec­tion to the IPD NOW PBX or to MS Teams. Based on these stan­dards we can expand the sys­tem with addi­tional func­tions together with you.

The solu­tion offers skill-​based rout­ing for all con­ceiv­able chan­nels and thus maps busi­ness processes across all ser­vices. Thanks to the cloud approach, other cloud ser­vices can also be cou­pled and used. For exam­ple, AI solu­tions can be con­nected, such as a mod­ern IVR or the pos­si­bil­ity of rout­ing incom­ing chats from the company’s own home­page as well as e-​mails (depend­ing on the mod­ule).

Our Con­tact Cen­ter

Acces­si­bil­ity through all chan­nels

Pow­er­ful omnichan­nel con­tact cen­ters are essen­tial for most busi­nesses in these times of dig­i­tal change. They offer mod­ern busi­ness process man­age­ment and enable direct cus­tomer com­mu­ni­ca­tion via all chan­nels. Thanks to intel­li­gent media rout­ing and auto­mated ser­vice processes, pro­ce­dures and inquiries are processed quickly, clearly and effi­ciently. We offer you check, con­sult­ing, inte­gra­tion or new con­cept and imple­men­ta­tion of a con­tact cen­ter and, if desired, cus­tomized con­tact cen­ter solu­tions based on state-​of-​the-​art tech­nol­ogy. Of course, the inte­gra­tion of col­lab­o­ra­tion tools and CRM appli­ca­tions is pos­si­ble as well as the inte­gra­tion of a chat offer or voice por­tal.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem

We also offer the Cloud CC with­out our tele­phone sys­tems and can con­nect the solu­tion to many well-​known telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tems from the cloud, hybrid or, if you wish, on premise. All we need is a SIP line from your sys­tem and access to the sys­tem via CTI, so calls can be routed to our mod­ern IVR and the sta­tus of the par­tic­i­pat­ing users’ phones can be mon­i­tored. If the calls are con­nected to the employee, the sta­tus is also fur­ther mon­i­tored.

Ques­tions about our con­tact cen­ter solu­tions?

We gladly advise you and help you to choose your desired solu­tions!