IPD NOW is oper­ated in two redun­dantly designed data cen­ters in the greater Ham­burg area, thus meet­ing all require­ments of Ger­man law and the DSGVO.

Our solu­tions com­prise two dif­fer­ent plat­forms – a Cloud PBX (tele­phone sys­tem) and a Cloud Omnichan­nel Con­tact Cen­ter. The sys­tems can be used together and inde­pen­dently of each other.

The appli­ca­tions can be con­nected via reverse proxy func­tions, VPN or if desired via MPLS. Admin­is­tra­tion, soft­ware main­te­nance and data backup are pro­vided by IP Dynam­ics.

On this basis we also offer you indi­vid­ual projects and indi­vid­ual con­cepts! Please feel free to con­tact us! We are always avail­able for a con­ver­sa­tion.

Our part­ners

Let‘s face it, no one can deliver per­fect per­for­mance across every area of busi­ness. Unless you have per­fect part­ners to rely on, that is. And we do. These are part­ners, who we have cho­sen very delib­er­ately. We know exactly what they can do and we have 100% con­fi­dence in them doing it.


If you still have ques­tions as which IT provider offers the best tools for small– and medium-​sized busi­nesses, give us a call or write to us. We’ll be happy to advise you.