While, just like software, more and more IT hardware is disappearing into the cloud, there are some things we just can‘t do without. Not yet, anyway. Until then, we can surprise you with the ultimate in innovative technology. Be it laptops, tablets, mobile phones, phone systems, headsets or printer, we can lease whatever hardware startups or SMEs need for business success. Because high acquisition costs are replaced with a monthly payment, our hardware for rent offering is especially appealing to startups, as hardware can be increased or reduced in tandem with a rise or fall in staff numbers. Hardware for rent also means you can always enjoy the latest technology, as well as our around-the-clock service. IT hardware doesn‘t always have to be new. We make sure that existing technology plays a part too. From the alarm system to the intercom, we connect as much as possible to your company network.

Our hardware

PCs from Dell/Lenovo

Desktop computers are often the preferred choice for stationary work stations connected to the company network, where performance, rather than size or weight, is the priority. When you‘re faced with very data-intensive tasks, that performance makes all the difference.

Notebooks from Dell/Lenovo

If you need to perform as much on the move as in the office, the ultra-high-speed Ultrabook is the ideal work station to carry under your arm. This is exactly the sort of hardware startups will appreciate - it comes with the operating system and standard programmes already installed, so you‘re all set to go!

Tablets from Samsung/Apple

The lightweight, handy version of your traditional computer, with touch-screen for intuitive work on the go. Ideally suited for normal office tasks.

Smartphones from Samsung/Apple

Without question this is the handiest way to work while you’re on the move. Whether you‘re working with apps, phoning or using Chat, today‘s smartphones are capable of much more than even the computers of just a few years back. Android or iPhone? That’s over to you.

Printers from Samsung/Xerox

Everything‘s going digital, but so long as you still need perfect print-outs, we’ll provide you with the necessary IT hardware - user-friendly printers which are seamlessly integrated into your company and which really perform, be it in colour or black and white, be it individual sheets or volume printing.

Desk phones from innovaphone

Your colleagues are only a speed dial away. If you find you need to grab the phone at any moment, especially for internal calls, you are right to set store on the efficiency of stationary communication – cleverly connected to the company network, of course.

Cordless phones from innovaphone & Gigaset

Not everyone who works in the office spends all their time at their desk. If you‘re on the move a lot in the office but need to be reachable in a hurry, you’ll really appreciate the latest generation of cordless phones.

Headsets from Sennheiser and Jabra

The days when balancing a phone between your shoulder and chin was part and parcel of the office workout are definitively over. Today‘s headsets enable intuitive and unrestricted communication over the PC or phone, using either a classic headband or in-ear headset.

How can I help you?

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