From sales tools and computer games

Sales’ job is to sell! But the sit­u­a­tion is far from ideal. Too much time is lost on other things. Work­ing with umpteen open pro­grams, for exam­ple. The absur­dity of it all only becomes appar­ent when you imag­ine play­ing a com­puter game in this way. Let’s take a look…

Multi-​tasking: When IT doesn’t do things the way we want

Deeply engrossed in your favourite online role play, you creep through a dark, musty for­est, always ready to counter the next threat with a quick, coor­di­nated attack. There, in front of you, lean­ing up against an old oak tree, sits a troll. He has his back to you. He still hasn’t seen you, but he sniffs, checks the air. Has he smelt you? Time to let go of your use­less bow and reach for your flame knife, which your grand­fa­ther gave to you to take on the quest. At this point you press Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit full image mode, open the file con­tain­ing your table cal­cu­la­tion and all your items of equip­ment, copy the code for the flame knife so you can then use the text edi­tor in the game’s open equip­ment file to swap it for the code frag­ment for your bow. Save, close, back to full image mode – oh, what a shame: dead.

Who would want to play like that? But that’s exactly how most sales employ­ees work. Let’s take a look…

What hap­pens if sales processes aren’t mapped cleanly in IT

A cus­tomer is on the phone! You quickly check the CRM sys­tem for the sales his­tory and infor­ma­tion on the last con­tact, call up mer­chan­dise man­age­ment and check the avail­abil­ity of the goods which are likely to be requested and keep the caller enter­tained with small talk while you’re doing all this. Then enter the pur­chase order and note the con­ver­sa­tion in the CRM sys­tem. Then quickly copy the rel­e­vant data and paste them into the Sales Manager’s monthly sales Excel sheet. Don’t for­get to save every­thing! And in the mean­time, you’ve either missed the next two phone calls. Or you had pen and paper at the ready to trans­fer the last three orders ret­ro­spec­tively (and hope­fully in full) into the sales tools. Oth­er­wise it’s a case of: Oh what a shame, we messed up that lead.

One cock­pit for every­thing

A much eas­ier way is to avoid this form of ser­ial multi-​tasking and use mod­ern sales tools such as Microsoft Dynam­ics 365 to bring order to the hotch­potch of only partly net­worked solu­tions. All tools and infor­ma­tion can be intu­itively accessed from one inter­face, vastly sim­pli­fy­ing work processes. Back to the game: You press i for inven­tory, dou­ble click on the knife and tackle the troll before he’s even noticed you. IPDNOW helps you with multi-​tasking in your day-​to-​day busi­ness. Sim­ple, flex­i­ble and with a com­plete overview of costs. Take a look here to see how it’s done.