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Since the very first online shop opened, commerce over the internet has exploded, with no end in sight. On the contrary, in fact: technological developments in smartphones have helped bring about double-digit growth rates in so-called m-commerce too. For companies, IT ecommerce opens up huge opportunities. It also means huge opportunities to lose out, by ignoring customer purchase behaviour, for example, which unfortunately is often the case, or by failing to place the purchase experience at the heart of one‘s strategy. We say exploit these huge opportunities rather than forego them! Whether you need a responsive internet presence, are committing entirely to ecommerce or setting up an online shop as an additional sales channel, we can offer you just the ecommerce software and ecommerce tools you require. And here‘s a promise: ours are simple solutions. You won‘t have to be a webmaster or e-shop expert, nor will you need to engage one. Customer data is another critical aspect of IT ecommerce. The data has to be secure, of course, but you also need to get the most out of it. Here, too, we can offer the exact ecommerce IT that you need.

Our ecommerce IT products


Previously it may have ranked with heart surgery or rocket science, but setting up a professional website is now within everyone‘s grasp. In the case of our partner Jimdo, at least, where you get the ideal ecommerce tools for bespoke design, search engine optimisation and integrating social media features. With Jimdo, all this can be done without any knowledge of programming. Even opening your own online shop couldn‘t be easier. What‘s more, our partnership with Trusted Shops ensures you and your customers are always in safe hands.


With our partner Sleekshop, the e in IT ecommerce stands for easy. In no time you can create your own scalable and highly flexible ecommerce platform. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface gives you the perfect overview and a firm handle on all you need - shop design, enterprise resource planning, customer data and search engine optimisation. Alongside the ecommerce software itself, it‘s the performance that really stands out. Even with high traffic volumes, an immense product range or complex search queries, Sleekshop can guarantee short access times and high data throughput.

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