Don’t underestimate IT!

It is cru­cial for the suc­cess of the com­pany

Dreams are real­ized, ideas are imple­mented, and the oppor­tu­nity is seized. Star­tups sprout from the Earth, SMEs grow and mul­ti­ply and every­one con­cen­trates on their own life task: to lead the com­pany to a last­ing suc­cess. But with this step it becomes clear that in the con­text of dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion, infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy plays a deci­sive part in the suc­cess of the com­pany. Founders, busi­ness lead­ers and man­agers can no longer focus only on the core busi­ness.
For a long-​term suc­cess, you need to mon­i­tor your own infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy, com­ply with the data pro­tec­tion guide­lines, ensure the secu­rity of your cus­tomer data, and keep the entire per­ma­nent. Where data pro­cess­ing was pre­vi­ously regarded as an annoy­ing cost fac­tor, today it is the inno­va­tion dri­ver for prod­ucts, processes and strate­gies. Sales, finance or pro­duc­tion have process areas that can­not run with­out IT sup­port. With the devel­op­ment of Indus­try 4.0, infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy is now becom­ing a cen­tral com­po­nent of the company’s core and it is increas­ing in the heart of the com­pany. New chal­lenges and respon­si­bil­i­ties for entre­pre­neurs can be derived from this change. The upcom­ing intro­duc­tion of the new DSGVO leaves some in despair and scared.

Why are there deficits?

Entre­pre­neurs do not always lack the know-​how for the holis­tic overview of all IT-​related processes and infor­ma­tion. Most of it is the time fac­tor that makes the founder, Man­ager, and Man­ag­ing Direc­tor despair for IT require­ments. It is obvi­ous that the focus is still on the suc­cess of the busi­ness. The fact that IT belongs to it, how­ever, is usu­ally sup­planted. After all, who wants to deal with the cre­ation and main­te­nance of hard­ware, imple­ment and main­tain data secu­rity and data pro­tec­tion, track trends, develop processes and mon­i­tor equip­ment.

Out­sourc­ing is the solu­tion: Sim­ply and Securely Out­source

Out­source it to com­pa­nies that under­stand the impor­tance of IT and admit that their own peo­ple or employ­ees can­not cover the required effort and are on the right track to hand over the IT to the hands of spe­cial­ists. The out­sourc­ing of IT is gain­ing impor­tance this days and makes cor­po­rate hearts beat faster and focus on it as an essen­tial in the busi­ness. The out­sourc­ing of IT does not only have the advan­tage that the cost of labour is saved, but also that the elab­o­rate search for pro­fes­sional staff, where labour short­ages exist in the IT labour mar­ket is omit­ted. The out­sourc­ing of IT enables the entire sys­tem sup­port, all main­te­nance, license renewals, com­pu­ta­tional capac­i­ties and soft­ware updates to be taken over by an IT ser­vice provider. Com­pa­nies where IT is stored in the hands of spe­cial­ists save a lot of capac­ity, has­sle, money and relieve employ­ees, man­agers, founders and man­ag­ing direc­tors.

Rent IT to the pro­fes­sional IT ser­vice provider every month, be con­stantly up to date and still remain liq­uid?
With IPD NOW, is the IT in the right hands and your own suc­cess is assured.