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People from all across the globe all accessing the same files and all at the same time. Only a while back that might have sounded like science fiction. Today it’s at the heart of working life. Anything new, that clearly makes our lives easier, is always embraced very swiftly. Collaborative document processing has arrived, and is here to stay. Microsoft Office Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Sharepoint have realised the technical prerequisites for this new reality: users, teams and organisations from practically anywhere and using the device of their choice can find, share and work together on data and data files. No longer are they distributed around the world by email, they are simply shared in such a way that everyone can always access the latest version of the file. The fundamental prequisite for collaborative document processing, however, is neither software nor hardware. It is internet access. Centralised documents and integrated communication in real-time, such as Chat, desktop sharing and videoconferencing, accelerate almost all processes. Feedback and approvals take place much quicker. Unified Collaboration and Microsoft Sharepoint solutions not only make traditional location-based meetings leaner, they often make them completely redundant. Whether it’s in accountancy, logistics or customer relationship management, the possibilities are endless. Of course, each company has its own specific needs. For this reason, we cherrypick those tools and services which deliver SME or startup cloud solutions from the vast array of offerings out there. At the same time, we offer very comprehensive solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Instead of using a different tool for every department or task, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together all business processes for all employees in a single location. The clear, easy-to-use interface can be adapted so that you see only what‘s relevant to your daily work, yet you can still access more complete information at any time, subject to the relevant approvals.

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Office 365

Thanks to monthly updates, you are always at the cutting edge with Microsoft Office Cloud and can use the ultra-modern classic applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Skype for Business on up to 5 devices. All the functionality which you as a startup expect from the cloud is here: email and calender, online-conferencing, intranet, 1TB cloud storage and many other tools for organisation, administration and collaborative working.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is where everything comes together. Create team websites and portals in no time, find content and share documents to collaborate in real-time, whether with colleagues or partners, inside or outside your organisation. No matter where. No matter on which device. And in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365 Cloud you can enjoy your trusted office tools with a level of security that is second to none.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Reliability, reliability, reliability. As the possibilities for document processing anywhere and at any time have become a prerequisite for productive work, cloud storage must satisfy this requirement more than any other. OneDrive wins out here with its intuitive user interface and the seamless interplay with conventional Office applications. Another key requirement today is security. OneDrive for Business fulfils the most stringent global and sectoral compliance requirements for protecting your data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

As customers become ever more demanding and markets ever more unpredictable, there‘s always the danger of losing the overview of your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can assist with this, by structuring and automating enterprise resource planning, accounting and other business processes, reducing costs and improving profitability. The beauty of it is, not only do you enjoy a more effective sales operation and a more professional service, you also get more satisfied customers. Now there‘s a recipe for success.

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