How we communicate in the workplace today has changed fundamentally. While we still come across phones, letters and faxes, an ever more powerful internet and the march of the smartphone have brought about new and innovative channels for external and internal communication, which are making us more and more efficient and productive in our work.

Real-time communication is now the key. If we‘ve a quick question to ask, we use Chat to ask it. If we want to explain something to others, we turn to desktop sharing. If we want to save time and travel costs, we turn on videoconferencing. If we‘re organising a company night out, we no longer rely on an email circular, but on the internal social network we call the Intranet. It no longer matters who we are or where we are, or when. Anyone who needs to can see if we are reachable or not, at any time. No longer do servers and telephone vie for space in our offices, they‘re all moving gradually to the cloud. (Our cloud, for example.) Whatever possibilities tomorrow brings, we‘ll make them possible for you.

Products for perfect communication


Take your telephony to the cloud. As a certified innovaphone partner, we can offer you an IP-based phone system with comprehensive functionality as software-as-a-service, and optimised for quick operational use and perfect communication between your staff and your business partners. As well as being mobile and independent, the system saves you long-term maintenance contracts and up to 50% of your costs!

Skype for Business

Sometimes you need more than just a phone, and here Skype For Business leaves little to be desired, with its range of Unified Communication features. Thanks to MS Office Cloud you can enjoy seamless integration with Outlook, or videoconferencing in HD quality, where you could be forgiven for thinking that all participants really are in the room together! This is real-time communication in its most complete form. Believe us, with videoconferencing you’ll suddenly see travel costs in an entirely new light.

Microsoft Outlook

It‘s for good reason that Outlook is seen as the office gold standard. Emails, calender, contacts and files can be accessed and worked on across a consistent interface at any time, regardless of where or on what device. It is rightly acknowledged for its broad scope of functions – group discussion, collaboration tools, clever search functions and high performance cloud services. Even the intranet can be connected to it.

Microsoft Yammer

Your intranet needs to be more than just a bulletin board. With Yammer, you can transform your internal communication, as your staff can quickly and easily connect with each other, engage in discussions and exchange new ideas, even when some of them are sitting on the other side of the world. And because everything is integrated wirelessly in Office 365, you will marvel at how easily data, files and other assets can be shared and worked on together.

Ferrari fax solution

Even today, quotations, orders and invoices are often sent by fax, alongside the emails, calls and other communication streams which we receive. Ferrari electronics brings these streams together in a single, consistent interface, enabling them to be used without having to constantly change the application. Talking of faxes, thanks to wireless integration with the email system, they are now as easy and practical as sending an email, and just as secure, flexible and efficient.

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