All set for meetings with no travel expenses?

So many options to lighten your work­load

One com­pany. Many employ­ees. Rep­re­sented in mul­ti­ple coun­tries.

The times when col­leagues com­mu­ni­cated via car­rier pigeon or mes­sages in a bot­tle are long gone. Day-​to-​day meet­ings tes­tify to the rapid progress of dig­i­tal­i­sa­tion. Data are eas­ily filed on huge exter­nal servers via Inter­net con­nec­tions. Every­one is aware of this leap for­ward: out­sourc­ing in the cloud – so much more than just an on-​trend topic. It’s the solu­tion which guar­an­tees reli­a­bil­ity, cost sav­ings and user friend­li­ness. A cloud which makes your com­pany more flex­i­ble and increases effi­ciency, reduces the work­load for many depart­ments and facil­i­tates mobil­ity. You can get started right away, access­ing your vast quan­ti­ties of (auto­mat­i­cally syn­chro­nised) files and infor­ma­tion from any­where, whether via lap­top, smart­phone or tablet. You can hold as many video con­fer­ence meet­ings as you like with national or inter­na­tional col­leagues and work on the same doc­u­ments at the same time. Light­en­ing your work­load to opti­mum effect. You and your staff can re-​focus atten­tion on your core strengths and enjoy the ben­e­fits offered by out­sourc­ing oner­ous manda­tory tasks to exter­nal servers. To be taken care of by sophis­ti­cated cloud ser­vices.

Light­en­ing your work­load x 5

Store files of unlim­ited sizes and share them with col­leagues

Cloud stor­age solu­tions are prac­ti­cal on many lev­els because they offer vast space for large quan­ti­ties of data, reliev­ing pres­sure on your company’s own com­put­ers. Employ­ees across the world can access the servers simul­ta­ne­ously from any device, work together on projects and exchange data pack­ages. The cloud data are auto­mat­i­cally syn­chro­nised in the cloud, so every­one can access the lat­est revised ver­sion. All con­trolled by the cloud soft­ware. But we’re not done yet – even sen­si­tive busi­ness data can be called up from the cloud for meet­ings with cus­tomers, elim­i­nat­ing the need to print doc­u­ments. And no need to worry about your lap­top or smart­phone being stolen en route – all data are secured in the cloud.

Bor­der­less exchanges with col­leagues

Do you need an expert opin­ion from New York? Or per­haps you want to dis­cuss things with a col­league in the Shang­hai office? Everything’s pos­si­ble with the cloud. You can arrange meet­ings where and when you want. With­out the need for tick­ets or expen­sive trips, reduc­ing the asso­ci­ated costs and organ­i­sa­tional work. How? Sim­ply by hold­ing a video con­fer­ence to con­nect with col­leagues at their var­i­ous loca­tions. The sys­tems do all the work for you, with all com­mu­ni­ca­tion via the Inter­net. Inter­net tele­phony, also known as “Voice over IP” (VoIP) offers numer­ous addi­tional pos­si­ble appli­ca­tions, such as event lists, group con­fer­ences and voice­mail.

Uncom­pli­cated account­ing

Your com­pany and your employ­ees can only breathe easy if the busi­ness fig­ures add up. Arriv­ing at these fig­ures is often a tough and stress­ful process. So wouldn’t it be bet­ter to rely on the cloud and invest this time in excit­ing future projects? Cloud account­ing solu­tions can relieve you of time-​consuming tasks and sig­nif­i­cantly ease your work­load. They take care of every­thing. From cre­at­ing invoices, send­ing quotes and writ­ing dun­ning let­ters to record­ing account­ing vouch­ers, cal­cu­lat­ing taxes and man­ag­ing finances. Work which com­pa­nies are keen to forego. Another impor­tant fea­ture of cloud-​based account­ing solu­tions is that they are always up to date. With the cloud, legal and tax-​related devel­op­ments around the globe are auto­mat­i­cally incor­po­rated into the lat­est updated ver­sions. So you’ll never miss impor­tant leg­isla­tive changes again.

IT sys­tems always up to date

The IT sys­tems mar­ket is sub­ject to con­stant change. Count­less inno­va­tions make it dif­fi­cult to keep up to date. This is where the cloud comes into its own. Your com­pany soft­ware is always based on the lat­est ver­sion, secu­rity updates are imple­mented and pro­grams and apps are con­tin­u­ously upgraded. Allow­ing you to focus on your own work and trust in the cloud to lighten your work­load. How­ever, if prob­lems should arise, the IT experts from the cloud ser­vice will find the right solu­tion.

More time for you

As well as offer­ing greater flex­i­bil­ity and pro­duc­tiv­ity for your com­pany, the cloud will also elim­i­nate time wast­ing from your oper­a­tions. You can man­age your con­stantly updated data pro­duc­tively and retain an overview at all times, safe in the knowl­edge that every­thing is always up to date. No mat­ter where or when, the cloud helps you lighten the work­load for you and your staff. Leav­ing every­one more time for recre­ation and relax­ation.

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